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The Copy Machine

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When I think about how to gain traction on a product or a service, I don’t often look at the copier as the cornerstone expression of innovation. It’s cooler and more user friendly than a printing press, but honestly, it is the 2nd most hated thing in every office space. Still I think it just might hold the solution for every person striving to accomplish more with the help of others.

Stop and think about the last time you used a copier. At it’s best, it makes a near exact duplicate of the original. You don’t put a piece of paper filled with numbers and turn out a picture of the Mona Lisa. Whatever is on that page is what comes out the other side, 100 times over. Keep that in mind next time you find yourself at a point of frustration with your co-workers or employees wondering why no one can get traction to your goal. It might not be them that is the problem. It might be what you are (or are not) duplicating. Blank pieces of paper are great for painting, but there not so good for making copies.

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June 5th, 2012 at 9:52 pm

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Everyone is all about change…

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until it involves them.

There are only a few things that really stress me out. Probably ranking near the top are things that interfere with my “system” of doing things. That can be people, circumstances, and yes even at times, God Almighty.

But how do I know when my system needs to change? Do I wait for it to break? Do I just walk away from the things that cause confusion in it? I think I should, if I feel it will bring a character failure in my life…but then again why isn’t my system built around preventing them and notating red flags? If life is really less about what I accomplish than about how I live it, then perhaps the only system I should care about is the more facilitating change in me. What system do you have in place for personal change?

Written by Josh

June 7th, 2010 at 10:52 pm

Conflicting Agreements

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I love the various roles I’ve gotten to fill in organizations through the years. From consultant to management to volunteer, each role brings a rewarding experience. I’ve seen many strengths within each place I’ve served, but a slew of strengths are easily erased by one sole weakness. Every organization is built to handle harmony. After all you don’t partner with people you have nothing in common with. In my experience though, it’s not agreement that shape an organization, but how they handle conflict. Few places or people know how to handle disagreement. The places that learn to handle conflict openly, respectfully, and humble (after all you may be wrong) not only survive, but attract people that will challenge them to be better. How does your organization handle conflict?

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March 17th, 2010 at 6:33 pm

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Small and Quaint

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standrewsHere I am living in a what I would call, small coastal city, and trying to grow a national brand for independent music. While certain things would be easier in a much larger city, I enjoy the corporate absence. Small business has always been my goal sized company to work and build. I’m not looking to answer to a board or an excutive council. All those things look good on paper….scratch that.  They look exactly the way they are; complex, boring, and wasteful. The guys I have the most faith in to create something great are the ones focused on the exact opposite. Corporate tells you to systemize and build distribution channels, while the next group of successful entrepueners tell you to personalize and get intimate with things. That doesn’t mean you act on every suggestion and tailor make everything. It means that your focus is becoming more knowledgable and producing a more knowledgable product. I’m not sure that this type of system will ever produce another Bill Gates, but I’m sure it will eliminate a lot of system errors and blue screens in the long run.

Written by Josh

April 24th, 2009 at 7:46 pm

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