Homes for the Homeless

Homes for the Homeless

Tell someone they are helpless long enough and they will use it as an excuse. When I was in high school I was walking into a convenience store and a man obviously homeless (as stereotypical as that is to say) ask me for some money. I didn’t have a lot of money then, but what I did have I liked to share. I knew I had a ten and a random dime in my pocket. Something caught my attention and said give him the dime and if he accepts it thankfully give him the ten too. I gave him the ten cents and listened as the man scoffed and said “come on, is that all you’ve got?” I politely said, “sorry that’s all I have for you today” and walked inside. Well that impression has governed me and that instance didn’t turn me off to helping the homeless. I actually spent my first two years out of high school to working with the homeless population. Well here it is plan and simple:

Problem: Growing homeless population
Causes: Jobloss, mental/emotional health, lack of affordable housing
Results: Increased crime rate, businesses relocate out of shelter areas, tax dollars spent on food and medical care

My Philosophy: The solution should encompass all aspects of the problem.

My Thoughts:
A. Minimum wage should not apply to jobs providing food, clothing, and shelter
B. Unskilled labor jobs could easily be modified to fit the homeless population
C. Begin a Job Relocation Program
D. Profits only used to grow the programs

Results: American manufactures and farmers could compete with cheaper labor countries such as China and India. Illegal immigrant labor would become virtually unwanted do to the ability to move a transient population. The United States could save tax payers billions of dollars while US business would save billions of dollars in labor. Inflation would decrease. You would see skilled and semi-skilled labor salaries increase and thousands of jobs created as businesses bring more job back to the US.

“Our best ideas and innovations stem from our greatest failures.” – Josh

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