I Love Music.

I Love Music.

(pre-warned__this is lamely sappy, but true) The Sunday mornings, I was 5 years old my Dad took me to sing at a local nursing home. I can clearly remember the faces of the often forgotten elderly, as the nurses wheeled them in. The would light up as my father played and I would sing.

My time in orchestra, making music with over a hundred people playing one piece in different parts. A group of emotions expressed together in a single moment in time. It felt so alive.

Vulnerable and lost. I began to learn how much a talent meant, as was stripped from my life. An seemly normal inconvenience in life turned into months of pain.

The first time I sat down with a guitar on a mountain side. My thoughts, my feelings, and my recollections. That day I performed for myself, for my hopes, and for my dreams.

The day I found a deeper inspiration. It was simple, heartfelt, and genuine. For the first time my music and my lyrics joined together. Wanting to write about his struggles, a man of science discovered his faith.

A woman worth writing about. A girlfriend was the first to bridge the gap between my love for music and for a woman. Our first Christmas, my gift to her was a song. Many more found their way into my heart before we walked down the aisle and she became my wife.

Getting carried away. Music has led me to places across the world. From places of recent genocide, to the malnourished 3rd world, to castles, and great halls, music allowed me to be its travel companion. I always seem to just be along for the ride.

Impact. Tears welling up in my 7th grade music teachers eyes, that is the power of music. The sight of thousands taking your lead as one, that is the power of music. A song can change everything, even if only for a moment.

We often lose touch with things so important to us. I have so many great moments in my life attached to music. Sometimes I follow music and sometimes it follows me, but it always remain a constant. Perhaps we would all be better, happier people if we found our “one thing” and just let life fall around it.

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