Persistance Pays

Persistance Pays

Persistence and patience go together perfectly. For the last 3 months I have been spending time and employees time trying to explain a simple math issue with our company waterbill. We own a multi-unit complex in a small suburb of Panama City. To shorten the story, the Public Works Manager gets the bright idea to multiply our bill times six since there are six units in our complex.

– Single tap so we can’t shut off the 3 units used for storage
– You can’t meter each unit so he multiplies the usage and monthly minimums times 6
– They cut our water off 3 times during the discussion
– Rude and Disrespectful to my employees
– I make an appointment to which I waited in the lobby for an hour
– Spent 1 hour explaining simple math and hear the “generous” offer of a $20,000 overhaul

Diplomatic Agreement:
– 2 times monthly minimum and a verbal promise to inform we more units come into use
– Billed for post-rated 2 months
– Waive remaining fees

– double bill post-rated 4 months
– Late fees
– Plus a new 1.25% charge on non-residents

Last Resort
– Offer to pay bill in full minus this months late fee (rejected – threat to cut off water that day)
– Paid in Full
– Make appointment with the Mayor

Final Result
– Apparently I was not the first to complain about the hot tempered Manager and later that night on the 10 o’clock news the man was reported as fired. While I would have hoped for a more diplomatic resolution, I was please with action before things escalated any further.

“Winning is simply being the last one to give up.”- Josh

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