It would seem to be a battle between capitalism and social justice. I hope we take the time to remind ourselves that our constant zeal seems to get us in more trouble than anything else we do as Americans. The list seems to increase of our poorly planned interventions and now we seem to be on the offensive against the wealthy in our own country. This is ridiculous. Why do we let our leaders believe that we must legislate everything? Let’s ban gay marriage. Wait now let’s ban excessive success. Then we can move on too banning what a minister can say and can’t say. Let’s ban the thought of intelligent design. Does anyone see the common theme here? We are all trying to tear one another down in some way. I will not have any part in this any longer.

I’m sick of democrats and how they say they want freedom for everyone, but at the same time legislate to silence pastor from speaking out about what they feel is right and wrong or a student from saying a prayer. Who cares if you or I disagree? It’s 100% hypocritical. Then you want equal opportunity for every one. Never-mind the fact that white males have to start off burden by school debt because someone with weaker grades and a different color skin gets the scholarships first. Try to get an SBA loan. If you are a white male it is, “I’m sorry no loan for you, but because your caucasian you can pull money out of your butt.” How is that equal or fair? I certainly hope all of this legislation is in place in 2016. Maybe I can get money in the new caucasian male minority. Your Thought: He can’t say that? My Thought: Exactly.

Before you label me a republican let me say this, how much money is being spent to ban gay marriage? People are still going to live together. So how from a moral stand point is this any better? It has to do with what our children are taught? So now the government has another responsibility. Teach our children…I’m sorry I thought republicans were for smaller government. Did you ever think about when someone else is in charge of the government? Now they are your child’s teacher. This is why I don’t like big government. If I vote yes, I prevent a person receiving government benefits. If I vote no, the vote will be used to say we should give governmental benefits. I say the government should just stay out all together and give nothing to anyone. See now you think I’m a liberal, maybe.

What about abortion? I know that the Bible says clearly, life begins at conception. Before you think that it is the only reason I think that. Listen to a few scientific facts. Every person is different (really? yes really). Every strand of DNA is different (no way? yes way). With those two fairly clear things in perspective, follow this thought. Every life has a different take on things. Who is to say that unborn life wouldn’t eventually see something that no one else has before? Who is to say that they would look at every thing the world has learned over thousands of years and see the cure for cancer? Smallpox ended by something as simple as an observation. I know you may think that life has the same, if not more, potential to be a murder or drug dealer. Ask yourself how many murders would you go through for a Martin Luther King or an Einstein? See my reasoning for protecting a life isn’t solely based upon some far off belief. So now I am a conservative Christian and I believe abortions should be banned right? I would like to see the day that there is not a single abortion in this country and I have a plan that I think could unite a few if they are willing to listen. Instead of dedicating so much time, money, and resources to banning or supporting abortions. Why don’t we pour those dollars and hours into prenatal infant rescue? I believe that we could find a way to extract safely a child only a few weeks old from a mother and see that child carried full-term through a surrogate or incubation. It is an odd idea I know, but no one seems to take note of the advancements we have made in these areas. Yes they are still a ways off, but this argument between the pro-life and pro-choice is not going away any time soon. If we did this I could see in less than 10 years, a woman finds out she is pregnant, instead of an abortion the embryo is extracted, and brought to full term and set up for adoption. It couldn’t be anymore expensive than the battle being waged now.

I guess my point is we can keep battling back and forth over things or actually solve problems. There is nothing more cold and impersonal than dealing with things through legislation. We are no better that the Greeks who had their imaginary gods. Fighting out their imaginary battles on top of a mountain. My candidate can beat up your candidate. Capital Hill is nothing more than a new Olympus. Bring our issues back the real world with real people.

I still will vote, but it is frustrating. Don’t label me as anything because I think everyone is walking off a cliff. I will probably jump off in my usual fashion, however this time you will see me in the back with my little lemming umbrella. Want one?

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