Some Goals

Some Goals

I have some personal goals for myself in the near future…

#1. I want to go back to school. I have wanted an MBA for a long time and last year going to school for my Recording stuff in Nashville really reminded me of how much I loved the class setting…So I’m thinking FSU PC. Of course somethings are dependent on me finishing a few of the following. Righ now no time 🙂

#2. I want to be more economic and energy efficent. Sounds crazy, but I’ve done the math on getting a new washer and dryer will have a 2 year payback in just energy and water savings. Also solar power has about a 7-8 year payback…even in my crazy ideas I though about wind power 🙂 Not much I can do about the vehicle I’m using it like crazy lately for hauling stuff.

#3. I second guess myself to much lately and I probably should when I have to make decisions effecting other people. Really I’m talking about business stuff, I have been told I let things drag on for too long. Bottom line needs to be more bottom line in my case

#4. Finish the things I started…really Josh really. I have to many open projects at the moment. Good news is I have complete far more than I opened in the last few months. Result is I am more focused and less stressed. With a completed studio and office….I can’t even fathom what I could accomplish.

#5. Be a good friend, father, and husband. I’d also like to maybe start running sound at church or something small. It’s been a while since I’ve served on a Sunday morning. I’m sure it will come with a certain discomfort for me, but some things you just have to work through as hard as they may be.

#6. Get back into my workout routine.

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