Stock Nonsense

Stock Nonsense

A lot of my life consists of random numbers and information. Sometimes you have to vent useless information that probably 99% of people could careless.

Apple splits twice in 2-3 years thanks to there new focus affordable trendy products. I’d sell at the end of the second year (approx. 2010) because the third year they start:
– getting viruses, which leads to buggy products
– back away from the core value of putting the best chip set on the market for their own apple manufactured chip (believe it…who do you think bought a chip maker this year)
– R&D cost skyrocket
– iTunes will have peaked (or close to it) – people will return to packaging of some sort

I will be an apple user for a very long time and I’ll re-buy the stock once the media starts to bet them down

GM let them bleed until Jan 2009 hop on board and hold and sell anytime after 2015.
– they have huge amounts in cash
– tons of patents
– they will turn their backs on the internal combustion engine at some point and I’m betting they are using the panic to make huge job cuts to unionized workers

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