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Multitasking: Setting Bounderies

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It takes a lot of time to build a future for a family and yet never miss a moment of the present. It’s awesome to watch Judah growing and experience everything for the first time. It can be challenging at times. Especially given the craziness of running growing companies. Well let me give the credit where it belongs. Jerrod and Jen have been running SM great, so most of my time spent is quoting work, dealing with the city, and working on contracts. As with anything, sometimes you just have to pitch in and do whatever. A few employees have been a little weird, not showing up for work and stuff. It is just plain crappy behavior. But the there are some really really great employees that at the end of the day you thank God for and wish you could pay them a millions dollars. Anyway… 2.5 has been Branch Records. Wow have I enjoyed the progress. Working in the new studio a lot and making some really great records in a variety of music. Working with Lee and some of the new studio guys has been great and allowed me to focus on what I’m best at…mixing, editing, and developing business models. We’ve got a long way to go, but we are chugging along. Sometimes at what seems like a snail’s pace and other times at lighting speed. 3 has been Northstar. Our church has kind of been that bright light in the distance thing…ironically. We have really enjoyed building friendships and getting involved. We don’t spend every waking hour at the church. Johannah just started serving as a dance choreographer and I engineer the main service sound on rotation. The guys have left the door open for leading worship, but I don’t know yet. It’s nice not having my identity wrapped up in what I do. And my head just stopped ringing from the last ton of bricks God used to break me, so do I really need to paint another bullseye on my forehead again. In reality I’m not trying to hold back. I just want to give my best, wherever that may be. The great thing about the last year of my life has been the narrowing of my focus. I’ve got balance, but I am wanting a greater level of discipline. Anyway I have been allusive, but for good reason…now if I can just get back to the gym we will be doing good.

Written by Josh

September 6th, 2008 at 5:20 pm

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