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Innovation is Invitation

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Smart companies are fueled by smart innovation which is why Branch Records ( is changing the playing field. Don’t play fair. Innovation and passion drawn people to a brand. Some people start with a single great product. Whereas Branch Records was started with a single great process, much like the Model T was the result of Ford’s assembly process. Products are easy to copy, just look at how many different types of soap there are in Walmart. Processes are far more difficult, complex, driven from variable sources, often non-transferable. Sure you can hire someone away from another company, but can you recreate the environment that helped make that someone. Branch has set to create an environment of innovation which means that it is sure to better other products while creating their own.

“Innovation isn’t about being the first at everything… just the only thing that matters.” – Josh

Written by Josh

September 20th, 2008 at 1:02 am

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