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Tonight I purposefully released a hand full of concepts that outside designers have been developing ( I released it without a clear explanation. I did that because a logo isn’t ever really afforded a conversation or instruction. It is just there and open for interpretation. So maybe that was stupid, but it was perfectly executed stupid. Aside from the negative things that normally come from activities like this, there are a lot of positive things one can learn. I believe there are two kinds of feedback. The first is what people say or type with me paying particularly close attention to statements “this makes me feel this”, “this reminds me of”, or “maybe change this”. At least to me, statements like “I love” and “I hate” don’t seem to communicate all that much anymore.

I am not a design feedback specialist and I could be completely wrong, but would think the second type of feedback is probably even more important and the one that is easiest to decipher. It’s the one in which there is no reaction, no reason to want to be included, and no reason to want to share an opinion (like 200 people viewed, but only 20 left options). Maybe they hate you, maybe they just hate all the designs and just gave up choosing, maybe their computer crashed right at that second, or maybe they just don’t care. Either way you didn’t register or relate and that means they were looking for something not on the page.

Special thanks to all the designers submitting work on 99 Designs. It was greatly helpful for feedback and outside influence. Please if you haven’t left feedback I still want it and you can find it at (

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December 26th, 2010 at 3:09 am

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