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Bear Krap

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You hear a lot about the bears and the bulls of the investing world. For me, that is a little too strength intensive. It just paints a picture of a battle when smart investing is more of a marriage. I am more of a turtle and rabbit kind of guy. Investing with intimacy. I require myself to be involved in my investments. Not necessarily working for the company, but knowing that it is effecting something directly around me. I invest in Apple (AAPL) because I work in music and media or St. Joe (JOE) because they own most of the county I live in. I’m a rabbit by nature, but simple things like that keep the turtle going strong through the slow times.

“Build on your strengths, but build around your weaknesses.” – Josh

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July 14th, 2008 at 1:46 am

Stock Nonsense

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A lot of my life consists of random numbers and information. Sometimes you have to vent useless information that probably 99% of people could careless.

Apple splits twice in 2-3 years thanks to there new focus affordable trendy products. I’d sell at the end of the second year (approx. 2010) because the third year they start:
– getting viruses, which leads to buggy products
– back away from the core value of putting the best chip set on the market for their own apple manufactured chip (believe it…who do you think bought a chip maker this year)
– R&D cost skyrocket
– iTunes will have peaked (or close to it) – people will return to packaging of some sort

I will be an apple user for a very long time and I’ll re-buy the stock once the media starts to bet them down

GM let them bleed until Jan 2009 hop on board and hold and sell anytime after 2015.
– they have huge amounts in cash
– tons of patents
– they will turn their backs on the internal combustion engine at some point and I’m betting they are using the panic to make huge job cuts to unionized workers

Written by Josh

July 2nd, 2008 at 7:38 am

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