The Aftermath

The Aftermath

I took a journey of 40 days without television to focus on some spiritual things. I have completed that journey and learn a few things in the process. #1 being the discipline one can find by just adding even the slightest bit of restraint to one’s life. Other things that surprised me though were a little more complex. When I blocked out one area of my life another would seem to flourish, but additionally other areas would seem to suffer.

The first two weeks were cake, but the last three were very trying not because I was tempted to watch TV. I could have cared less. Instead it was a temptation to fill my life with other means of entertainment and addiction I think we all share. Sure it may not be tv, but movies, music, video games, the gossip column, the Internet, or even your friends can all fall into this category. It becomes our methods of escape from reality.

This revelation made me question a lot about myself. Am I needing to escape? Am I running from something? The answer was a clear yes, but the “why” is left to more study. I don’t view my life as bad. As a matter of fact it is quite good. My family is awesome. I enjoy my job. I have financial stability, which is saying a lot in the world today. I think the “why” didn’t come to me until I sat down to write this blog today. One word came to mind, helplessness.

Entertainment happens in a controlled environment, even when we think it is out of control. If we don’t like something we turn it off or we simply restart the level for another chance. Couple this with the fact that humanity has a God-given nature compelling us to subdue the world around us. Genesis 1:28 be fruitful, multiply, and and subdue the earth. It was God’s first commandment to man.
It’s not my nature needing to change as much as my application of that nature. And truthfully I may not be able to change everything as easily in the real world (subduing the world seems to be the impossible task)…but I certainly can change more of it if I am spending less time escaping it.

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